Tuesday, 24 February 2015

20 things I miss about Social Media as a teenager.

I spend roughly around 75% of my free time on social media which is absolute MADNESS. I remember the days getting to go on the internet got me crazy excited and I'd argue with my family about which one of us was going to go on the computer first and how long we'd have. I have a 9 year old brother now who has an iPad, an xbox, a laptop, a phone all with access to the internet whenever he wants. I feel a little jealous that I didn't have that as a kid but also I feel sad that he doesn't get to feel the excitement of what I did when my Mum muttered 'go on then' after me begging her for hours for a go on the Computer.  Anyway, I've wrote a list about all the things I miss about social media back then. We have so many more websites now but they're just nowhere near as magical as they used to be.

1. The hardest part of your day was deciding which one of your friends deserved your love on Bebo.

2. Habbo was EVERYTHING until you fell for one of the 'omg type your password in to the chat box and it comes up like this *****' scams and all your furni got stolen and your mum wouldn't let you buy any more credits on the house phone.

3. Pretending your cam was broken on MSN because you were in your pyjamas and had no makeup on. Then having to prove it was broken by putting blu tack over the lens after accepting your friends cam request (was that just me with the blu tack thing? tell me it wasn't).

4. Wanting to change your other half on Bebo but not wanting to hurt your current other half's feelings.

5. Getting friend requests on Myspace from ridiculously good looking emo boys then realising they were fake. Oh.

6. Putting your makeup on and doing your hair really nice for an msn cam sesh then your Mum decides she needs to call her friend for 4559538 hours.

7. Playing Owned! on facebook and getting really giddy when the boy you fancied bought you off someone for a really high price.

8. MSN nudges. They were the most irritating thing at the time but I'd give anything to get a nudge just one last time.

9. Attending every costume change/falling furni/modelling competition on Habbo that you possibly could because you just needed to desperately win that 1 credit piece of virtual furniture but never winning because your internet would never hold out that long and you just got disconnected. Bobba you, modem!

10. Going on Teen Chat with your mates and acting all cool whenever someone asked 'ASL'. Errr, 84/no thanks/disneyland. TOP BANTER.

11. Making a piczo website with tons of flashy images and icons of Chad Michael Murray and those freaky little cartoon dolls.

12. Spending forever searching through all the quotes on forwardgarden.com because you needed to find one that was just perfect and showed exactly how you felt for your MSN name.

13. Wanting to have your best friend as your top friend on Bebo/Myspace but also wanting your number one spot to be the boy you were talking to, just so he knew you were serious about him.

14. Finding a way to access MSN at school and feeling like the mutts nuts in the library. Your teacher thought you were working but actually you were chatting to your mate...who was sitting right next to you.

15. 'Accidentally' adding all your MSN contacts in to a massive group conversation. You had no idea how that one happened.

16. Spending hours of your life creating a house on Habbo so you could adopt loads of babies. Then you get bored of the babies constant 'waaaaaaaa' and end up kicking and banning them all out of your room.

17. When your mum wouldn't let you buy any more credits but you were on your last day of Habbo Club. NOBODY will be your friend anymore if you don't have those snazzy outfits and bright pink hair!

18. You used to get so many comments on your bebo/facebook page because private messaging just wasn't a thing! and having to say 'WRITE BACK ON MY WALL, NOT IN THE COMMENTS' to all your pals because you wanted to look more popular.

19. Being so jealous of someones bio on Myspace that you just HAD to steal it. I mean, it's exactly what I'd write anyway so why not?

20. Getting into a really juicy conversation with your mates but then your grandma/grandad/any family member came and sat next to you meaning you had to press shift & enter loads of times in the chat box to clear your convo.

What do you miss about social media? Can you relate to any of these?!

P.S Lets all go and play Habbo.


  1. I used to have myspace and bebo i so miss those social media sites x


  2. This was such a cool post and I remember my dad being so strict and not letting me use the internet and when I could then I couldn't go on any social media but nowadays he is more into it than I am. How times have change?

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  3. Hahah I miss stuff like this as well. What about Pic Comment For Pic Comment (pc4pc xoxo) on Myspace! crying. Myspace was SO important when I was in high school! That awful MSN thing that was a hand knocking at your screen (like a nudge) when you didn't reply after one minute, if I got that now I'd be like oh PISS OFF!
    x GNAR MOSH x

  4. Omg bebo was everything! It was all about the funky bebo skins haha! Love this post x


  5. This made me laugh so much! I never used Bebo but can remember Myspace & MSN Messenger very well! Used to get all my MSN names off a website called Fire Hot Quotes hahaha I'd spend so long choosing one. hahaha xo

  6. This is such a fab post, I loved reading it and the points were so true. The days of Bebo and MSN haha, I remember Habbo as well used to be obsessed with it. I used to think I was such a whizz with Picso and those glittery images haha.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  7. Great post made me laugh so much! I remember it all so well :) although you did remind me about my Piczo site! I wonder if it's still there?!


  8. I love this =] im getting nostalgia


  9. Hahahahahaha this is literally my youth in a post. I have been on Habbo recently and its just not the same :( Plus I am a little older now :')

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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