Saturday, 14 February 2015

The under £6 perfume that every girl should own

HI! and sorry for the lack of blog posts. I've wanted to blog but Pretty Little Liars has taken up every single minute of my free time so just blame Toby Cavanaugh's six pack face for my absence.

I bought a bag of 5 perfumes for £20 at the Clothes Show in December and instantly regretted it. The woman on the stall just pulled me in and hypnotised me into buying them, honest.  I didn't use any perfumes out of the bag until around a week ago but the beautifully tacky Steps Guilty Pleasure disco ball perfume just intrigued me...

I didn't think I'd ever be sitting here blogging about a Steps perfume so I didn't bother taking photos of the actual perfume packaging, the fact that I haven't photographed it makes me mad at myself but I need to get over that.  The outer packaging is pretty hideous - hot pink with a tacky font but the actual product itself makes up for that 100%.  The fact that it's shaped as a disco ball makes me happy. It reminds me of school discos with panda pops drinks and it's just so TACKY, it's wonderful!

Once first sprayed the perfume doesn't reflect it's true potential.  You have to let it settle into your skin  for 30 seconds or so and after that and a little bit of wafting, it transforms. It's a little bit floral, a little bit citrus-y sweet and a little bit sexy. I can't describe the scent at all and whatever I say will not give it justice but the main notes are bergamot, raspberry ripple, peony petals and geranium bourbon - hopefully they make more sense to you than they do to you.  You'll just have to take my word for the fact that it smells AMAZING and I can't imagine how/why anyone could dislike it.

I've been spritzing this on anyone I can whilst raving about how good it is. I just can't get over the fact it actually costs a mere £5.99 for 100ml of product.  It might be Eau De Toilette but that doesn't stop this baby from lasting longer than the working day and my god, that is long.

You can buy this perfume from Amazon here or eBay here.  It'll be a purchase that'll knock your socks off. Promise.


  1. I am definitely agreeing with you about the packaging.. but the scent you describe sounds nice. Glad it turned out nice x

    han // emandhan xo

  2. Have you ever tried Suddenly from Lidl? It's a dupe for Chanel No. 5 and smells so good!
    Eve @

  3. Lessons learned, never judge a book by its cover! Gonna hunt this down and give it a sniff :p

    Have you tried that raspberry lemonade? Im not a fan taste very perfumey

  4. This sounds so cool and love the disco ball shape. It definitely sounds great by you describing it.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |


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