Monday, 6 April 2015

A peek into my week #3

HELLO! Hope you've all had a lovely Easter and have over indulged in chocolate like me.  I went to my Mum's for Easter who lives in a little village near Knighton, Wales. The weather was actually pretty nice considering on our drive down from Norwich, the skies were grey and it was raining on and off so we decided to take advantage of that.

We went to visit my Grandma on Saturday and as per usual she'd made some delicious cakes with an array of fillings - fresh cream, butter cream etc.  We didn't do a lot apart from play silly outdoor and word games but that's what I love about spending time with family as those are the moments I'll treasure forever. My Grandma got me a marmite easter egg as I have to admit, I do absolutely love it! I've not tried the chocolate yet as I'm not feeling that brave. I'll leave it for a time when I'm feeling a little more wild.

I popped into a local Boots with my Sister as she needed a few bits when we noticed a basket full of Seventeen products that they were selling really cheap. Most of the products had labels on but I spotted the above bundle of 7 lip crayons that didn't have a label on so asked the cashier how much they were. I was in shock when she told me they were 1p each so obviously, I snapped them all up! Apparently that particular Boots store are replacing the Seventeen stand for Maybelline which seems a bit odd as Seventeen is Boots' own brand! I also got another couple of products but I'll leave them for another post.

As I'm getting older, I'm beginning to appreciate scenery a whole lot more. Before I moved to Norwich (almost four years ago), I never really cared for where I lived, I thought the countryside was boring and I just yearned for nightclubs and McDonalds on my doorstep! Now when I visit back home, I'm always wanting to go on long family walks to this little spot by the river. We usually go paddling in the river but it wasn't quite warm enough this time although my brother and cousins did go for a little dip! I just love this photo of my Grandad and cousin, Isabel - I want to frame it as they both look so happy.

I was feeling a tad emotional after leaving my family earlier today so on the drive home my boyfriend and I stopped for dinner at Buddies USA which is just outside Northampton. We were so hungry so we opted for garlic bread and breaded mushrooms with a garlic dip for starter and I had the hot dog and wet fries - fries with American pouring cheese sauce whilst Andy went for a bacon, mushroom and cheese burger with wet fries. I wish we'd visited there sooner as the food was incredible! Definitely worth a stop if you're passing by and be sure to get the wet fries, they were the best part about the whole meal.

How was your Easter weekend?! I think I might be allergic to Monday's as I can't stop sneezing but a bank holiday Monday is a million times better than a Monday at work. Four day week, YAY!

On a side note, I've made a Pinterest board for lifestyle and food bloggers - for us all to pin our posts to. I'd love for everyone to join and share their posts to it as it's a great way of gaining blog traffic and discovering other blogs too. If you'd like me to invite you to the board, just email me - with your Pinterest username and blog URL and I'll add you. Please make sure you follow the board though as it won't let me invite you until you follow!


  1. Lovely post! Hope you had a great time at your Mum's and I am so jealous of your easter eggs! I actually got sunburnt England...crazy!

    Lauren x

  2. 1p?!?! Talk about a bargain!

    I love your blog, by the way. Following you on GFC and Bloglovin'.

  3. wow what a bargain ! Looks like you had a lovely week

    Distant Dreamer

  4. Great post, love the food pictures =]

  5. I can't believe you got those crayons for 1p! Such a bargain!

    Jordan Alice

  6. I want penny makeup! haha!

    I love a fun day out in the country side, looks stunning!

    Corinne x

  7. Wow 1p is amazing! That hot dog also looks amazing!
    I'd love to contribute to the Pinterest board although I'm not really sure how the group boards work!? Here's my link anyway :)


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