Sunday, 19 April 2015


I thought about not writing this post but then I thought WHY THE HELL NOT?! We all get periods (apart from you boys, soz) so I wanted to write about all the period-y thoughts that bless my brain when it's 'that time of the month' (I hate that phrase) in the hope that you'll be able to relate to.

1. You know your period is approaching when you literally feel like you're about to karate kick your boyfriend for interrupting you whilst you're writing a tweet.

2. THE NEED FOR CHOCOLATE HAS NEVER BEEN SO REAL. Literally, give me all the Cadburys in the world and I will eat it. Along with 3 packets of skips, a sandwich, a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's & the rest of that pizza from last night.

3. That moment when you strut up to the Cashier at Tesco with your monthly supplies feeling all confident but then when you realise it's a boy and you've got to make eye contact you get all embarrassed.

4. You suddenly start sobbing uncontrollably because you can't find your new lipstick. Then you realise your mascara's all smudged and it makes you cry even more.

5.  "THIS IS THE WORST PERIOD I'VE EVER HAD!" you scream when your boyfriend kindly reminds you that you also said that about your last 73 periods.

6. That 'am I /aren't I' moment when you're too scared to get up in case there's blood on your seat.

7. You suddenly find yourself giving serious evils to every man you see. YEP THAT'S RIGHT, YOU JUST GET ON WITH YOUR DAY, RANDOM MAN, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT REAL PAIN FEELS LIKE!

8.  Hot water bottles become your BFF and they never leave your side.

9. That feeling when you sneeze and you're genuinely concerned your womb is about to fly out of your vagina.

10 . Your boyfriend goes to touch your boob and you're fully prepared to scream the entire house down. DON'T YOU KNOW THEY'RE SENSITIVE?! GOD!

11. But no matter how much you complain, you're secretly chuffed you've got your period as you're totally freaked that you're contraception will fail you one day.

* Disclaimer - there's totally nothing to be embarrassed about buying tampons, I'm just the most awks person in the world. *


  1. This post is hilarious! I absolutely love it, and 100% relate to most of the points! Periods are the single worst thing ever, like why should girls go through ALL the pain and disgustingness and boys get nothing. IT'S NOT FAIR.
    Ps. I'm also so awks. I get so scared I'm going to bump into everyone I know when I've got my arms full of period supplies in the supermarket that I practically run to the checkout and pack the bag faster than light travels… Period life, eh! haha
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger

  2. Haha great post! Definitely relatable! Damn girl problems.
    Jess x

  3. Haha!! I so awkward about buying pads in shops as well!! I thought I was the only one!

  4. I laughed so much while reading this post! I also hate when I get a guy cashier when I have to buy pads :') x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  5. This post is so funny but certainly true!
    Sarah |

  6. So much relate! Also, going to the gym on your period is horrific and makes you want to die x

  7. Haha I’m glad that you wrote this post! My boyfriend always knows when I’m on haha, and I’m always living with my dog wheat warmer when it’s that time of the month. Ohh I hate that sneezing sensation, I was buying some tampons in Boots the other week and felt so awkward lol.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  8. Oh my god! I absolutely love this post. Totally laughed out loud too! xx

  9. Absolutely love this! Especially the point about sneezing haha

    Amy x

  10. Haha I love this post =] I recently started my period again after 5 years of being on the contraceptive injection and it feels so weird to me, i forgot how much pain feels like haha =]

  11. Great post! The struggle is real! 😀

  12. THIS IS HILARIOUS HAHAH! Indeed the struggle is REAL. I LOLed at number 10. I use to get embarrassed buying feminine hygiene items, now I'm like "Yknow, girl's gotta have her period, aint nobody can stop that (sadly)".

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  13. Loved this post!! I read all those posts thinking yeah I do all of them!! My poor husband now I think about it lol x

  14. Number 9 sooo true hahaha. I can't stop eating when I'm on, especially true about chocolate. Chocolate for breakfast anyone?!
    x GNAR MOSH x


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