Saturday, 4 April 2015

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Review

 The Revlon Colorburst matte balms (it pains me so much to write color as opposed to colour) weren't something that had really interested me until I swatched them in Boots a week or so ago.  I tend to associate matte lip products as drying and hard to apply even though I secretly know there are tons of fab matte lip offerings on the high street!

After swatching the whole collection, I decided on two blue based pink shades 'Showy' - a hot fuchsia pink and 'Elusive' - a light pink with a slight hint of coral. Showy and Elusive are the perfect Spring shades that are more suited for everyday wear. The balms have a mint scent to them but there's no plumping effect to go alongside that which I personally prefer!

My favourite part about them is the packaging - they're matte, feel expensive and the fact that the tube is the exact same colour of the product inside just makes my whole life.  When I'm in a hurry, I don't want to root through my whole collection looking for a shade and having to open the lids, I just want something quick to throw on and these are the perfect fit!

I was pleasantly surprised when I applied the balms as there's none of that usual pulling that you get with some matte products (MAC, I'm looking at you). Another surprise was that they're actually pretty moisturising too even without applying a lip balm beforehand.  Showy is easier to apply than Elusive as it's a brighter shade so I do find I have to fill in a few gaps when I wear Elusive.  You can expect to get around 6 hours wear out of these beauties and that's with eating and drinking, pretty amaze if you ask me!

I purchased the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms from Boots for £7.99, they're currently on 3 for 2 so now's your chance to snap them up! :)

What's your favourite shade out of the collection?


  1. I think that Elusive looks really nice. I will try to pick one up as I woul like to add mattes to my collection :)

    Sarah |

  2. I love these. I have Elusive too and I think that's my favourite, I'm impressed with how well they last too.


  3. Wow both shades look absolutely stunning, especially Elusive :) I like that these are quite moisturising also for a matte product, definitely want to get a hold of Elusive :) Fab review :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  4. Oooo i love both of these =]

  5. These are so pretty and I just love the matte balms. I have a Violet one that I absolutely love and I really want Elusive next.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |


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