Sunday, 7 June 2015

A peek into my week #4

HELLO! I haven't done a post like this in ages and since I actually did something other than work this week, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity!

I went to TK Maxx yesterday (Saturday) and picked up this floral to do list pad complete with a little clipboard. I thought it came with a pencil but the pencil is actually a pen - totally fooled me. I did originally go in for some pretty notebooks with quotes on but there weren't any unfortunately, still, £4.99 for this little baby isn't too bad.  I also bought the pink Tangle Angel brush from TK Maxx for £7.99.  I love my tangle teezer but it doesn't have a handle so I'm hoping this is basically a tangle teezer with a handle?! I'll let you know when I know.

On Tuesday evening, my boyfriend and I went to see Derren Brown. We hadn't planned to go but his Mum had tickets and decided she didn't want to go so we jumped at the opportunity! I've watched Derren a few times on tv and was a little scared I'd get hypnotised and majorly embarrass myself but thankfully I was fully in control of my mind! There were two parts to the show - one where Derren would correctly guess words people had written down, guess what type of Quality Street random people in the audience were eating, he even ate glass and also convinced a lady to do the same (wtf!).  The second part of the show was all about healing, everyone had to stand up, close their eyes and imagine exactly what Derren was reciting (something about being on a beach and feeling the sand in between your toes and seeing the best you walk across to you). A handful of people claimed their aches and pains had miraculously disappeared and Derren obviously guessed which part of the body the pain had disappeared from.

I did enjoy watching Derren but I definitely wouldn't pay a lot of money to go again.  I don't believe he has special powers, more like a really good psychology degree. It just goes to show if you think something, you really can do it! Your mind is the most powerful thing in the world.

I took my first trip to Prezzo's yesterday as my boyfriend had converted our Tesco clubcard points into Prezzo vouchers. It's actually a pretty amazing deal - £2.50 worth of clubcard points is worth £10 in Prezzo vouchers! I'd definitely recommend doing it if you love eating out or fancy a little treat. 

I have to say, I do have a cold at the moment so I don't know if the food tasted better than I think! For my main meal, I had the Fusilli Gorgonzola whilst Andy had the Calzone. I thought mine was pretty average - pasta, chicken, really hard(!) broccoli, ham and leek but Andy's calzone was so nice, I definitely picked the wrong meal! For dessert I had the chocolate fudge cake with ice cream whilst Andy went for the honeycomb smash cheesecake. Both desserts were really good but I'm just not sure I'd ever pay full price for a meal at Prezzo's!

The most exciting part of my week was the return of Pretty Little Liars, eeeeek! I'm not going to write anything about the actual episode as I know a lot of people are still just making their way through series 1-5. All I'll say is that I hope this really is the season of answers because I have SO MANY QUESTIONS! I mean, do the producers even know who A is because it's hurting my head. If you want to chat all things PLL, follow me on twitter @glitzcarousels and we can DM all day long about it.

I used to live in Scotland and I fell in love with cheesy macaroni much to my Mum's disgust as she hates the stuff. I found it in Farmfoods for £1 so naturally snapped up a few boxes! I just absolutely love this, it's quite orange once cooked and tastes so cheesy and artificial. It sounds so unappetising and I guess it is so I can't really explain why this is the most delicious pasta dish I've ever tasted.

How's your week been?!


  1. I love the Tesco clubcard vouchers for restaurants. Such a great way of using them! That mac and cheese sounds so up my street. Kind of like the American Kraft mac and cheese! x

  2. Love reading posts like this, I'd never thought to use my clubcard points as vouchers! I also love Derren but like you just think he's incredible at influencing people - or maybe he's harry potter in disguise....


  3. Mac n Cheese is my favourite food in the entire world, I especially love the Kraft one. My best friend lives in California, so whenever she sends me a care package, it's full of the stuff.

    I was so happy when they put PLL on Netflix, especially as it's updated weekly. I read online that the producers know who A is, and we will definitely find out way before season 7's finale. I can't believe season 7 is going to be the last season though! Did you watch the spin off show, Ravenswood, or whatever it was called?

  4. Looks like you had a great week! I had no idea about converting Tesco clubcard points into Prezzo vouchers but I'll definitely be giving that a go!

    Beka. xo

  5. Great post, yummy cake =] I like cake

  6. I love watching Derren Brown. It's amazing what he can do to you subconsciously.


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