Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner

So this is a little bit of a delayed post considering I actually received the Body Shop Banana shampoo and conditioner as a gift at Christmas! At £4.50 each for 250ml of product, they're not exactly the cheapest hair washing duo around but as you don't come across banana scented products all that often, my heart just wanted them.

My first impression was that the banana scent in the bottle wasn't as strong as I'd hoped.  It actually reminded me of a banana milkshake that I always used to have at a cafe which was mixed with honey. You can really smell the honey in this product so if you're not a fan then steer clear.

The shampoo doesn't lather much at all. I always think products aren't working properly when they don't lather much so that was a little disappointing, however, once washed off, my hair did feel squeaky clean.  The banana scent is a lot stronger once you get to massaging it into your scalp, it's heavenly.  I'm lost for words regarding the conditioner, there's really not much to say about it at all. It's truly average.

Once I'd dried my hair, the banana scent had completely disappeared and there was no noticeable difference to my hair. Obviously it looked clean but there was no extra shine and it wasn't easier to manage etc.

I am glad I tried the Body Shop banana shampoo and conditioner purely for the scent but I won't be repurchasing this duo ever again.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop's shampoo and conditioners?

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