Thursday, 21 January 2016

13 things you don't realise until you live alone

YO YO YO! I actually say yo in real life despite me being the most non gangster person you'll ever meet.  So after moving back home to live with my Grandad, I was like GOD, there are so many things nobody tells you about living alone and then this blog post was born. Hope ya like it!

1. You actually have to do the washing up every single day unless of course you leave it 'til the next day meaning you have DOUBLE the amount of washing up.

2. Get ready to face your fears because you will need to confront those spiders/moths/wasps/other creepy crawlies head on. Lets face it, there will probably be tears.

3. SORRY, HOW MUCH IS THAT CHEESE?! I'll just buy those plastic cheese singles instead.

4. Remembering to pay bills is hard but finding the best deals on internet/sky is even harder. Comparison sites will take over your life!

5. The cleaning aisle in Tesco will be the most exciting yet overwhelming place ever. What's the difference between multi surface and multi action?! Do I buy wood polish or glass polish or do I just buy a multi one?! LIFE IS HARD!

6. Your heart drops when your friend drops a bit of his food on your floor. DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW LONG I SPENT HOOVERING THIS?!

7. You will buy countless amounts of tea towels that all seem to disappear whenever you need one.

8. The feeling of cracking out a brand spanking new washing up sponge will brighten up your day.

9.  You will seriously consider eating 32p noodles for a week just so you can afford that £25 lipstick.

10.  Being ill and having nobody else in the house is the worst. You have to make your own soup and drinks and there's nobody there to just go out and buy you lucozade!

11. Why did nobody teach me how to change a bulb and more importantly, what replacement bulb do I need to buy? THERE ARE HUNDREDS.

12. You will quickly learn that nightmares = sleepless nights and ten trips to the front door to make sure it's locked.

13. Cleaning a toilet makes you gag and accidentally touching the toilet without gloves will actually make you full on vom.

Are there any more things that you didn't realise about living alone?!


  1. I'm moving on my own this year so I have these to look forward too. I'm really having mixed feelings about it.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. Haha this is really funny! The cheese thing I relate to when it comes to any type of food! Always go for the cheapest option!

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  3. Omg bulbs are a pain in the bum, i prefer screw ones, still afraid ill shatter them though haha The only thing i know how to do is change a fuse haha =]

  4. Love this post! When I lived alone I only had one plate, one cup and one bowl so I had no choice but to wash my dishes.

    Kiran |

  5. Number two is what scares me most. I cannot deal with spiders!! #HELP x

    Christina Marie -

  6. Cute pillow :)
    Maria V.

  7. HAHAHAHA the cheese! I still remember the first time I decided to buy cheese. Think I had a heart attack. Bought sausage rolls instead.


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