Thursday, 14 January 2016

13 things you'll be all too familiar with if you're a regular Tinder user

One of the most exciting parts since recently becoming a single gal is being able to download Tinder.  Gone are the days of playing Tinder on my friends phones and I'm now living the actual life of Tinderella.  Naturally, since I live for list posts, this one is dedicated to the most seedy dating app around.  Here are 13 things you'll be able to relate to if you're a regular Tinds (yeah, I just abbreviated that) user:

1. Feeling soz for someone who has super liked you and liking them back despite you not even fancying them.

2. When you run out of people in your area and panic because NOW YOU'VE GOT TO ACTUALLY SPEAK TO PEOPLE YOU'VE MATCHED WITH.

3. Matching with the most beautiful person you've ever seen only for them to message you with 'how r u hun, luv ur legs wrapped round my neck'. Dream over.

4. Getting a seriously long paragraph message whilst you're busy doing something and thinking you'll reply later, only you forget and then get a really abusive message about how you've ruined their day. Awks. Unmatch, UNMATCH, UNMATCH.

5. Matching with someone purely because they're your mate in real life. To then receive a message asking how long you've wanted to sleep with them for...pass me a bucket, I'm gonna vom.

6. Meeting someone out in public who you didn't respond to on Tinder and feeling totes guilty because they were actually cute. Sob.

7. You have to regularly change your bio in a desperate attempt to stop all the samey messages. USE YOUR IMAGINATION, BOYS!

8. You see enough 'hey, hows you x' messages to make you want to drink a pint of bleach. Ok, maybe not that extreme.

9. Matching with someone seriously hot who you have no mutual friends with and slyly trying to message them cryptic questions to make sure they're not your sister/ex boyfriend/work colleague.

10. Getting angry at a message because it's a blatant copy and paste that they spam all their tinder hoe's with...I WANT TO BE YOUR ONLY ONE *imagine broken heart emoji here*

11. Having tons of laugh out loud bants with a hottie so you give him your number only to get instantly whatsapped a dick pic.  Throw me that Bridget Jones dvd, I'm gonna be single for life.

12. Speaking to a guy for a while and thinking, I'll have a cheeky stalk browse of his Facebook...married with three kids and a dog. Thanks, life.

13. The guys that won't give you their facebook profile because they "hardly go on it"...YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE, JACK, 28 AND YOU KNOW IT. At this point you can either stop talking or become Sherlock...I become Sherlock.

Soz, can't write anymore...I'm off to POF.


  1. A friend of mine is tinder obsessed and this is so him!! Love it.

  2. I don't use tinder myself, but my friends do and this is pretty much spot on! Love this post! haha!

    Jemma |

  3. I ACTUALLY LOVED THIS POST OH MY GOD! I always read these despite being in a relationship because of the funny situations people get in and I love how this post was written. Based on a short day or so where I used Tinder as a laugh with my partner I can totally relate to some of your points! Good luck with your Tindering :P


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